About Us


BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A) is a One-Stop-Shop solution provider,
with its headquarters in Zurich and Dubai and structured as a Swiss Association. B&A is focussing on supporting, creating, promoting and developing clients’ business in emerging markets, leveraging its vast global network especially in the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the countries of the Former Soviet Union(FSU).

B&A was founded by Dr. Alexander H. Brexendorff, a German serial entrepreneur, business consultant and lawyer with over 25 years of experience in advising international companies for their investments in Europe, the Middle East and the FSU.

The Difference


B&A incorporates members and experts from Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Africa and Asia all of whom bring with them considerable regional experience in cross-border transactions, with most of the members having hands on experience of at least 20 to 40 years.

Our members have as well an impressive track record of supporting investments from those regions into Europe or North America. All member offices apply the same diligent high standard of work and are experts in their field of business. B&A is here to help our clients to grow, succeed and establish a footprint in the relevant business market.

The B&A Advantage

Our corporate and individual members are all one, but at the same time independent. As part of a Swiss Association, the members of the B&A family are legally, liability and tax – wise independent from one another. Our structure allows globally-oriented firms to combine and promote a unified brand across national and international borders. Members can benefit from a greater expertise, larger capital and presence in the market, and at the same time still remain independent partnerships or professional corporations. 

Joining Brexendorff & Associates allows you to be part of an expanded business operations and become members of a greater consulting company, and being able to mandate larger corporations and clients, without having to deal with the administrative burden of Corporate Groups. Members also benefit of the overall profit, without the fear of a compromising and risky formalized relationship, often restricted by the local bar standards.


Strategic Partnerships

Within MENA LEGAL and the B&A Swiss Association structure, lawyers and business consultants cooperate closely with various experts to offer our clients value-added services.  Our B&A association may refer to other professional consultants, including investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance experts and recruitment agencies. Among others, we have established successful partnerships with providers of trust, tax and accounting services, as well as recruitment agencies and Fintech experts with international expertise.